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Welcome Back!

Hey Everyone!

I know that it has been a while since I visited and shared my story and I am sorry for the long hiatus. Sometimes, life gets slow and Thin's In gets difficult so we take a step back and try to ignore the inevitable - that we all return eventually. So - HERE I AM!

For those of you who haven't virtually met me yet (or haven't read my previous posts), my name is Victoria and I am a foodaholic! I love food - and I know you aren't supposed to say that when you are a part of Thin's In but it's mostly true. I love flavors and enjoy flavorful, savory foods. I also have a love of cooking and baking which does not always help with staying on Program.

If you are a Thin's In goer, like myself, then you probably have experienced the frustrations of staying on Program. From going out with friends to dinner to wanting to have that extra glass of wine at home - there were definitely some weeks over the past few months that my weight loss was actually a weight gain. If you are like me and have had a week or two (or more) where you gain even though you prayed the night before to - at the very least - stay the same, then you probably have felt the same way that I have. If you aren't one of these people and you are down week over week - you are my hero and let me share with you how it feels!

After a week of forgetting about your foodsheet and having a bad meal or day, you walk into your appointment (or class) and you may be feeling dread as you approach the heartless piece of equipment they call a scale. You take off everything possible...including your less-than-one-ounce earrings... to try and keep the scale from telling you the truth.

You wait while your lecturer moves the weights and attempts to balance the scale. And then it happens - the look of disappointment as she tells you just how much you gained. You slink away from the evil device as you plan your next move: How am I going to explain this increase without admitting the truth?? So you blame it on eating salty foods or say "it's that time of the month" or even not drinking enough water. If you are like me and you go see Dianne then she may even try to make you feel better by accepting your fantasies but trust me - she knows the truth. And as you try to convenience her - and yourself - that the week is a fluke and it's not going to happen again, your next weigh-in date comes around and the previous week wasn't a fluke...

At this point, there are some of us that want to run and hide or go and try something new. Well, running and hiding (or staying away from your blog) does not work - if it did work, then we wouldn't eventually come slinking back to Thin's In because deep-down, we know it's the real deal.

With all that being said - we each need to remember why we are here. Not just that fact that we are foodaholics but because we want to better ourselves. I say "better ourselves" and not just "lose weight" because Thin's In is all about eating healthier and when you put good, healthy foods into your system you feel better all around. I know when I feel healthy and good, I am generally a happier person and want to be more active. Even on weeks when I have been up - I still haven't felt as bad as I did before Program came into my life. There may be a cheat meal or extra drink here or there (blame = user error) but I know that I don't want to ever be where I was again. To show you all how much Program really has worked for me (and what a 69-pound weight loss looks like) I present:


Yes, those images are real and untouched. That is me - before Dianne Rubin forced me onto a scale in March of 2020 and after (almost a year) of Program.

The amount of change that I have gone through in just these 11 months still surprises me to this day. Weight loss, for me, is not just a loss of weight but an increase in energy, a decrease in depression, and a surge of confidence!

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary!

Before I leave you until next time, I just wanted to share this one last personal benefit of my following Program:

Feeling that much better about myself and feeling more confident in my ability to make the right decisions when going out to dinner on dates, I rejoined the online dating world last November. After months of failed dates and Thin's In successes - I have matched with and met a great, fantastic guy who accepts the whole me - food scale included!

It's only been a few short weeks but I can honestly, 100% truthfully, say that without Dianne Rubin and the Thin's In Team - I would not have had the confidence before to put myself back out there and might never have met him.

Thank you, also, to all of you who have supported me and encouraged me in my journey! Thank you as well to my Commitment Buddy!!

I look forward to continuing to share my journey with all of you as I head towards my next goal: Total weight loss of 100 pounds!!

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Feb 17, 2021

Thank you for sharing the good and bad that lies in all of us struggling to better ourselves


Feb 15, 2021

I have missed your posts, Victoria-so glad to read this. I compliment your discipline and perseverance while becoming a healthier you. Thank you for sharing your journey and for keeping it real for all of us!


Feb 11, 2021

Thank you @linnct!


Feb 11, 2021

You look fantastic! I enjoy reading your posts. Best of luck Victoria you’ve got this ❤️

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