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From a Loyal Member

My name is Carol and I started Thin’s In (for the first time) with Dianne in March of 1997 on Saint Patrick’s Day weekend. It was a few months before my 20th wedding anniversary and my husband and I were going on a cruise. I wanted to look my best. I have always struggled with my weight, even when I was a kid. At my heaviest, I was 182 pounds and not happy with how I was.

After joining, I had lost 40 pounds prior to my anniversary cruise. Of course, I had gained it all back post-cruise and stopped going to class with Tracy as it was no longer a habit and I didn’t want to face her (or myself) knowing that I had ruined all my hard work.

One day, I kicked my butt back into class and met with Dianne again - who was (and still is) the most inspirational person. Hearing her talk, I knew I could do Thin’s In again and stick with it. One of the many great things about Thin’s In is you can go to anyone’s class or even switch lecturers depending on your schedule and who motivates you in the right way.

There would be times, truthfully that I would get discouraged from gaining a pound or two and would leave Thin’s In and stop coming to classes. I would tell myself I was “too busy with my kids” or the meetings weren’t working. Really, it was just a state of mind and I was embarrassed for myself (even though the only other people who knew my weight was Dianne or Tracy).

It has been 15 years of doing Thin’s In continuously. I have never really tried other weight-loss programs as I know Thin’s In works. I will admit that I did try the Grapefruit diet once. GROSS!

Ultimately, that is my favorite thing about the Thin’s In Program – it is real food. I love to cook and with this Program, I still get to. It’s just regular, quality food and regular eating at normal quantities. No fasting. No fads. Just weighing and measuring and portion control.

Today, I am finally at goal and on maintenance; doing privates with Tracy. As much as I enjoyed class with Dianne, I needed to personal touch that privates give you and Tracy was able to work with my schedule. Having that one on one touch holds me more accountable to myself.

For anyone out there interested in being healthy or losing weight, I would say to “Give it a try. Thin’s In really works. It’s just REGULAR FOOD!”


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