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  • Steve and Subrina F.

Trust The Process

"On July 9th, 2016 my wife and I got married. Before the wedding we had discussed joining Thins In together to get ourselves ready for the wedding but we weren’t ready or committed yet. The wedding came and went and was the best day of our lives. When we started seeing our pictures and video we finally realized it was time to make a change. The Wednesday after Labor Day was day one for us doing this together and now we sit here after almost 9 months and have a very successful story to tell. Our story isn’t about how fast the weight came off or how easy it is. Our story is about how our lives changed for the better. We will tell you there isn’t a better program or a better person than Tracy to lead you on that program. If you are willing to put in the work, follow the process and be accountable on program, there is no reason you won’t be successful too. The program is set up to give you all the tools you could need to become a healthier person and not just lose weight. When you first start it’s relatively easy to learn. Even though you may have questions in the beginning, the material you’re given is easy to follow and the weekly meetings with Tracy are extremely helpful, as she not only keeps a weekly log of your progress but is always helpful and prepared to answer any questions. One of the biggest surprises is that we never really felt hungry or felt like we were starving ourselves. The Thins In program also gives you the freedom to be creative and come up with great meals that make it enjoyable to be on program. It became fun to come up with “legal” ideas that were a great substitute for the food we had turned to in the past. As for our real success, Thins In was not just a quick weight loss fix, although currently we have lost over 130 pounds combined, Thins In became a lifestyle change. It has led us to being healthier, more active and engaged when it comes to what we eat. However, the most important thing we received from being on Thins In was it has led to us expecting our first child this coming August. Our doctors told us that being at a healthy weight was one of the easiest ways to help my wife get pregnant and we were lucky enough that it became a reality. It also has helped my wife gain only the weight she needs during her pregnancy which will hopefully lead to less weight she’ll need to take off once the baby arrives. We can’t thank Tracy and Thins In enough for the guidance we received and helping us make the changes necessary to become lifelong happy and healthy people!"

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