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Direct From Facebook - With Love!

Most of our readers and fans follow us on Facebook but how many of you have seen the reviews we get about what we do?

I know I rarely look at the social media reviews about any place - whether I'm traveling, looking for a new place to get my hair done or just the current businesses I go to -I focus more on the posts and pictures rather than what people really have to say.

So - for all of you like me but want to see what our friends, family, and fans say about Thin's In... read on!


"Finished week 2. Down 6 pounds. Eating REAL food. And dessert!!!! Great Program. For life this time." -- Anne Louise B ; 5 Stars

"This woks if you work it. Motivation and guidance all done with caring and a sense of humor." -- Mimi S ; 4 Stars

"Thin's In is a great program for the everyday person. This plan will keep you on track to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Easy. Why wait? Hello healthy!" -- Susan C ; 5 Stars

"It is a great program which motivates you to eat healthy and the people that run in really care about you. Friendly atmosphere with others that are there trying to lose weight the right way too." -- Cindy A

"The only program where there's no war on fruit and bread, two of life's greatest pleasures, and you will absolutely lose weight, and do it healthily" -- Alissa R ; 5 Stars

"Dianne is the BEST! She motivates you with love. Need to get back. The only natural way to lose weight by making it your life style not a diet!!!" -- Pauline R ; 5 stars

"Well, I worked my butt off, but I am down to my goal weight - Woo Hoo! Thanks to Dianne for "nudging" me along - Thin's In Rocks!" -- Alice F ; 5 Stars


Thin's In - Where nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

Log onto Facebook and look at our other fabulous reviews!

Want to see your review on here?

Message us today or stop by and See Dianne or Tracy.

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